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Antigua and Barbuda’s Pledge to Haiti: Deployment of ABDF Personnel

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Antigua and Barbuda’s Pledge to Haiti: Deployment of ABDF Personnel

Antigua and Barbuda has officially declared its unwavering support for Haiti by committing to dispatch military personnel from the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force (ABDF). This significant decision is part of a broader collaborative initiative involving three Caribbean states, aiming to address the political instability and security challenges that have plagued Haiti.

Prime Minister Browne’s Announcement

Prime Minister Gaston Browne made the official announcement on Monday 2nd, emphasizing Antigua and Barbuda’s principled stance in supporting Haiti during these tumultuous times. However, he clarified that the exact number of ABDF members to be deployed and the departure date are yet to be determined.

United Nations General Assembly Discussions

The commitment was solidified during discussions held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Prime Minister Browne, along with his CARICOM counterparts, participated in meetings facilitated by the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Haiti. The primary focus of these high-level discussions was to devise effective strategies to assist Haiti in achieving stability, prosperity, and competent governance.

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Multinational Force Proposal

Within these discussions, a proposal for a Kenyan-led multinational force to restore security in Haiti was introduced. Antigua and Barbuda, in collaboration with Jamaica and the Bahamas, pledged to deploy military personnel as part of this multinational initiative. The proposed force aims to collaborate with interested parties, including the United States, Canada, and other members of the United Nations.

CARICOM Eminent Persons Group’s Concerns

Prime Minister Browne, addressing the United Nations General Assembly, conveyed the concerns raised by the CARICOM Eminent Persons Group during their recent mission to Haiti. The group expressed profound concerns regarding the escalating influence of gangs, leading to a human rights crisis. PM Browne stressed the urgent need for a comprehensive, coordinated intervention to restore governance, security, and the rule of law in Haiti.

Solidarity and Collaboration

Highlighting Antigua and Barbuda‘s commitment, Prime Minister Browne reiterated the nation’s solidarity with the people of Haiti. He emphasized the government’s dedication to collaborating with all Haitian stakeholders and the international community to reinstate the rule of law, restore democracy, and provide security and humanitarian relief.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Browne asserted, “The people of Haiti deserve no less.” This commitment reflects Antigua and Barbuda’s determination to actively contribute to endeavors that will bring lasting peace and prosperity to the Haitian people.

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