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Top 5 Beaches in Antigua and Barbuda You MUST Visit

top 5 beaches Antigua

Top 5 Beaches in Antigua and Barbuda You MUST Visit

Sunny day, fine sand, clear waters, and the sweet heat of summer. Caribbean Islands are widely known as a synonym of beautiful seaside destinations. Among other things, Antigua and Barbuda are famous for their remarkable shores. In fact, the islands host over 365 waterfronts. With this many destinations to choose from, how can you ever find the best sunny spot for you? We’ve searched the famed islands and found the top 5 beaches in Antigua and Barbuda you’ll love. 

1. Long Bay Beach | THE Snorkeler's beacon

Long Bay Beach

Despite its location at the easternmost tip of Antigua and Barbuda, the vibrant coral reef shelters the bay from the battering waves of that side of the country. The calm waters of Long Bay Beach make it perfect for families. In addition, the clear waters make this bay ideal for a snorkeling experience, where visitors can spy on the treasure trove of marine life within the area. In addition, it’s close to Devil’s bridge, one of the must-see geological wonders. A few local kiosks and some restaurants you’ll enjoy corner the shore; This bay is truly a one-stop shop for exploration, family-friendly seaboard trips, with shopping and dining at the ready.

Rendezvous bay beach

Although Antigua and Barbuda is well known for its luxurious resorts and full amenities coastlines, Rendezvous Bay Beach is a hidden gem for the adventurous soul. The bay is located on a remote strip, hidden along a wonderful undeveloped portion of the coast, and it is only accessible by private yacht. However, this gem is accessible by a hike along a rough trail for those who like a bit of an adventure. After such a trek, the magnificent crystal clear lagoon free of the large touristic crowds is a nice reward. Rarely crowded due to its remote location, Rendezvous Bay Beach is a perfect escape. But as a result, you’re not likely to have access to your usual amenities. Make sure you pack everything you need before heading to that gorgeous spot and enjoy your getaway.

Dickenson Bay beach

Keen on the full-package seafront experience? Dickenson Bay is the quintessential sand strip for you. The area hosts some of the island’s best restaurants, food trucks, cafes, bars, and watersports Antigua and Barbuda offer. The azure ocean and the white sands of this stop make for beautiful scenery to enjoy the view and relax and take advantage of all the picture-perfect activities Dickenson Bay has to offer. It is the go-to destination for the self-professed socialite for its accessibility, nightlife, and activities it provides. It’s important to mention that the popularity of that spot means you’ll find yourself on a crowded seaboard. Nonetheless, you’ll fall in love with this destination.

Fort Bay Beach

When you’re on a cruise living your best life and traveling around the world, you’re on the hunt for an authentic experience. When you dock in Antigua and Barbuda’s cruise port in St. John, you’ll be able to access the ocean with a five-minute drive. That’s where you’ll find Fort James Beach. Usually frequented by locals, it’s a lesser-visited spot than its more famous neighbors, making it less crowded and a more serene experience for you. You’ll have access to showers, changing facilities, loungers, and parasol rental. In addition, restaurants and eateries flank the stip, meaning you’ll be guaranteed to have an excellent authentic local meal when it’s lunchtime. Besides, you’ll find the famous Fort James, the 18th-century ruins not far from there, a must-see historic spot. It’s perfect for short stays where you can make the most of your visit on a time crunch.

The Hawksbill Beaches

With Antigua and Barbuda having so many ocean fronts, you’re bound to find one dedicated to your niche. The Hawksbill Beaches are divided into four strips; the first three are restricted to resort guests with a security entrance. However, the fourth, Eden beach, is more accessible and has a clothing-optional policy. The only nudist beach on the islands, it’s a quiet, less crowded, and serene spot with a niche appeal to its visitors. You can also enjoy a decent snorkeling experience and explore the tropical sea life—a well-rounded experience for the avid nudist.

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